Is There a Shift Change In Frankfort?

Yesterday, Bluegrass Conservative covered a recent announcement by Kyle Thompson that he has filed to run for mayor for the city of Frankfort. While this may seem like another person joining the ranks of many a politician, I think this indicates that  significant change is coming to Frankfort.  Further, this change that is coming is just beginning. Having researched and considered the candidacy just in it’s infancy, I can already tell something is taking root in Frankfort.  People recognize there are serious problems with our city and are doing something about it.

My opinion is that Frankfort has suffered for decades under the same leadership whose same ideas that have created the problems in the first place.  As many know Frankfort is a “one party” town.  It’s easy to see that liberalism has infected everything in Frankfort, from the way it’s government is run (both city and state), to the lifestyles of her residents. What I mean is that one certain ideology has been both the root and the source of many of our problems in Frankfort. While the office of Mayor is a non-partisan office, lets face it, even though party is supposedly a non-issue the ideals of the democratic party are the reason Frankfort is in the shape it’s in. You can’t blame conservatives for they haven’t been in positions lately to do something about it.

First is Frankfort’s failed economic system.  While yes, there is a wide variety of industries represented (manufacturing, business, service, etc), Frankfort I feel still relies too heavily on the State to keep the city afloat.  Her city father’s of old’s concept of economic development is always somehow wrapped up in feeding or serving the almighty state government and state worker. Put up another restaurant, create another service for a specific set of persons and we’ll all do fine. Any investor will tell you that the way to be successful is to diversify your stocks, bonds, etc. That way if one fails then you have others that will still produce a return on investment. What needs to happen in Frankfort is a change in thought from supporting the state and using that as a crutch, to actually think outside of the box and start thinking about Frankfort being the place to locate a business or start the next Google, Apple, or Starbucks. Let’s stop relying on the state and let’s start relying on ourselves to make Frankfort better.

Second, and close to the first, is the environment afforded to small businesses.  While yes, there are many small businesses in Frankfort, it is hard, extremely hard to start a business here. I believe because of the mindset of the city’s people that it’s impossible to start, build, and maintain a successful small business. We usually think, “Let’s have another restaurant or another store!” But in a city with no small selection of eateries the market is saturated.  This dynamic creates a poor economic system, because those who work in food service or retail are often paid minimum wage and can not adequately provide for families and pay bills, etc.  What’s worse is that when one starts a business here, Frankfort’s residents take note and immediately decree that whatever has been started “won’t last 6 months”.  Instead of being supportive, we immediately pass judgment on someone willing to take a risk.

Third, and most importantly, is the lack of vision of some, if not many of our elected officials and people who set the tone of actions in the city. What I mean is that people who run the city have the same old idea of what the city is and should be. In my opinion there is no clear vision of what Frankfort should be. The Bible is clear in that where there is no vision, the people perish.

Kyle Thompson, by virtue of his experience and unique perspective, represents to me that there is a new generation of people who have a vision of what Frankfort should be, how it should look, how it should be, and that the way things are now is definitely not the way it should be.  While Kyle is not perfect his unique perspective and desire to build Frankfort into a first class city, indeed a destination, for others to come, start businesses, raise families, and live is one that is needed.  He is one who is making the early start in coming forward to challenge the status quo and I know that more are out there and that they will begin to take that crucial first step in changing Frankfort for the better. that is coming. I, for one, am tired of the status quo.  I am ready for a change and that change is going to come to Frankfort sooner or later.


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Jonathan Gaby
Jonathan Gaby is's Editor-in-Chief. Jonathan brings years of online communication expertise as well as his years of political experience as an activist, campaign professional, and observer to bear on state and local politics. Contact him at or @bgconservative.