BGC Podcast – Introduction – Episode #001


Bluegrass Conservative Podcast – Episode #001

In today’s show I introduced the Bluegrass Conservative Podcast with our very first episode.

The show discussed both our Website and the podcast.

We want to distribute conservative news and news from a conservative perspective. Our audience is Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and conservative democrats.

Our writers are Jonathan Gaby, Robert New, and James Young.

We are political activists, campaigners, and politicos.

We care about the following issues:

  • Healthcare
  • Tax Reform
  • Education
  • Kentucky’s Pension
  • Social Issues

We’re podcasting to provide different types of content to our readers and listeners.

Sponsors and Links

Rachael Sinclair, who did our podcast artwork. You can visit her facebook page at

How Can You Interact With Us?
None of this will be possible with out interaction from you, the listener. We need and want your input to grow the show and provide you more relevant content. So, you can contact, ask us questions by the following:

  1. E-mail: Email me at
  2. Follow us on Twitter at @bgconservative
  3. Send us a tweet when you listen using the hashtag #bgconservative
  4. “Like” Us on Facebook at Bluegrass Conservative
  5. Leave us a Voice Mail with your comments, questions, or criticisms. Click the link on the right side of the screen.

About the Author

Jonathan Gaby
Jonathan Gaby is's Editor-in-Chief. Jonathan brings years of online communication expertise as well as his years of political experience as an activist, campaign professional, and observer to bear on state and local politics. Contact him at or @bgconservative.