Power Player Rankings: Andy Barr Debuts!

Are you worn out from the 2014 General Assembly yet? Great, us neither! There have been many events, headlines, and legislative proposals these past few weeks that have factored into our latest rundown of Kentucky’s Conservative Power Player ranking. Prepare yourself, our list has been rattled!


juliedenton#5. State Senator Julie Denton

Making her “Power Player” debut, this East Louisville Senator has been making headlines lately. As we covered here, Denton recently announced her retirement from the State Senate to run for Louisville Metro Council – District 19. The move appears to have paid off considering Denton avoided a single challenger from either party in her desired move to City Hall. Finishing her last session in Frankfort, Denton has made news from her push to legalize cannabis oil to treat epileptic patients. Here’s to Senator Denton cracking our countdown; Congrats!


#4. Congressman Andy Barr

Central Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr understands just how aggressive an election can be. After narrowly losing in 2010, Barr fought back to defeat incumbent Ben Chandler in 2012. With Lexington Democrats eager to knock off the freshman Representative, Barr received some positive news as he prepares to campaign for a second term. Political analyst Larry Sabato projected Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District as “Safe Republican.”


#3. U.S Senator Rand Paul

In an attempt to broaden Republican influence, Senator Rand Paul is leading the way in redefining GOP politics. During a recent speech in Downtown Louisville, Paul said: “Welcome to the New GOP, where you’re allowed to wear blue jeans and a hemp shirt.” His efforts to reach minority voters in West Louisville haven’t gone unnoticed. Paul was recently invited to speak to the NAACP, visit Louisville’s historically black Simmons College, and has gained national attention for his efforts to restore voting rights to some felons.

McConnellParty# 2. U.S Senator Mitch McConnell

Team Mitch is continuing to steam through primary competitor Matt Bevin. Just this past week, Senator McConnell benefited from leaked documents exposing Bevin’s support for government bailouts. McConnell was also nice enough to send Hollywood Grimes a Valentines Day card. The Senator also gave a powerful speech capturing the history of Republican politics during a “Party for the Party” event this past weekend; watch it here! Oh, and you should read this Washington Post article!

Comer4#1. Agric. Commissioner James Comer

After a one month hiatus, Commissioner James Comer returns as our top “Power Player” in Kentucky conservatism. Leading by example, Comer recently launched an “Appalachia Proud” initiative that would allow for products made in 37 Eastern Kentucky counties to reveal it’s origin by displaying a unique logo similar to the already established “Kentucky Proud.” Speaking of which, Comer also introduced his “Kentucky Proud Homegrown by Heroes” initiative to the 50 states’ Adjutants General in Washington, DC this week. In the words of Aloe Blacc, “Go ahead and tell everybody what I’m saying y’all, I’m the man.”


Honorable Mention

Rep. Kevin Bratcher – Falling from #5 in our previous installment, this East Louisville Representative is continuing to ramp up a campaign for the first time in a decade. Rep. Bratcher has flexed his political muscle by hitting the doors, visiting local ministries, and even standing alongside U.S Senator Rand Paul, Congressmen Massie, Guthrie, & Barr, and State Senator Dan Seum in supporting Dr. Michael MacFarlane’s campaign kickoff against liberal John Yarmuth.

Sen. Damon Thayer – This Georgetown Senator enjoyed plenty of positive press this week. His work related to felon voting rights even made headlines as far as Seattle, Washington. Thayer also found a friend, even if only for a brief moment, in former Governor & current State Senator Julian Carroll of Frankfort when he insisted “Thayer is right” on a Friday morning budget speech.

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