Will Bevin Supporters Ever Join #TeamMitch?

We’ve seen it before, but never like this. Ironically, we’re not talking about an aggressive primary against the Kentucky GOP establishment… instead, that awkward month or two after the hard fought primary when hurt supporters decide whether to hop back on the party train or simply ride through the general election independently. From the Trey Graysonites of 2010 to the Webb-Edgington backers of 2012… swallowing your pride and backing the winner is always tough. So we ask the question that everyone seems to be whispering lately:  Will Matt Bevin supporters ever join #TeamMitch?

antimitchWhile searching for Bevin supporters willing to discuss their fall election plans, this online interaction practically fell in our laps. Louisvillian Edward Martin, a former Libertarian candidate for U.S Congress, made the following statement on Facebook: “After Bevin people endure insults from McConnell people… and McConnell people endure insults from Bevin people… be sure to have your faux ‘surprised face’ ready… when the supporters of the vanquished… don’t show up to vote in November.”

Martin’s comments left much to be desired from his fellow TEA-friendly associates. Ken Moellman, a former Libertarian candidate for State Treasurer, went public by suggesting: “Personally, I’m not voting for McConnell no matter what. Beyond voting for TARP (and turning off his office phones-and ignoring constituents) he’s been ‘there’ too long.”

BuisAs we continued our search for fellow Bevin supporters who weren’t anxious to support McConnell in the fall election, we found Jeffrey Buis of Casey County. Confident of a Bevin victory, he insisted: “It will not be issue as I expect Bevin to be our nominee.” However, after some pressing… Buis admitted: “I will listen to what McConnell has to say about issues like illegal immigration, the full repeal of Obamacare, and compromising with Biden & Reid.” Here’s what is interesting about Buis’ level of support for Bevin… He was a solid David Williams supporter during the widely divisive 2011 GOP nomination for Governor. So much opposed to the TEA challenger, Phil Moffett, that he even invested $250 into Williams-Farmer campaign! Buis did admit to supporting Paul over Grayson in 2010.


Next, we spoke to Johnny Calvin Embry of McDaniels, KY. He was brief with his comments but did admit: “If Matt Bevin loses the Primary, I will vote Republican, so yes I will vote for Mitch if he wins the primary.”


Lastly, we exchanged tweets with Lisa Graas in Grayson County, KY. On the evening of Monday, April 14th, she tweeted the following message: “I will absolutely be voting in the Kentucky GOP Senate Primary and I will absolutely be voting for Team Mitch!” Graas, who was once voted the ‘2nd Best Catholic to Follow of 2013,’ elaborated to BGConservative about why she was backing the incumbent: “One of many reasons is that Matt Bevin and his supporters are telling big fat lies about Mitch. Ultimately, I would vote for @Team_Mitch no matter his opponent because he is 100% pro-life and has a solid record on it.” She also linked to a photo showing a giddy Matt Bevin next to Connecticut liberal Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

So, we ask you… Will Matt Bevin supporters join Team Mitch?

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  1. scott hofstra | April 21, 2014 at 1:28 am |

    The question is, in your eyes, why is this a one sided argument? Will the McConnell supporters back Matt Bevin when he wins the primary? Unfortunately, I suspect many will not. As long as Mitch McConnell and the GOP leadership continue to attack their Conservative base, there will be division. If McConnell wins the primary he will have a hard time defeating Grimes after he has completely alienated his base.

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