Sources: Cathy Bailey to Announce Soon

Bailey1Hal Heiner may have been the first to announce, but it appears that he will soon have company. Multiple sources have contacted BGConservative suggesting that Cathy Bailey, the former Ambassador to Latvia, will announce her intentions to seek the GOP nomination for Governor within the next two months.

Bailey has long been rumored as a potential candidate, but it appears that 2015 may finally be her year. Independently wealthy, Bailey will be the fourth woman from Jefferson County to seek the GOP nomination for Governor since 2003. Trying to avoid the same fate as Rebecca Jackson, Anne Northup, and Bobbie Holsclaw… Bailey does differ from the pack in one major category. Being the wealthiest of the previously mentioned, she can and likely will self-fund her campaign.

Assuming Bailey files, she will immediately attempt to push back any momentum gained by Heiner during these early campaign months. She will also be the third Louisvillian actively campaigning across the state for public office, joining McConnell for Senate 14′ & rival Hal Heiner in 15′. Not to mention, Attorney General Jack Conway is expected to join the Democrat primary for Governor within the coming months as well!

Cathy Bailey

But then there’s Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. About 12 out of every 10 people expect the Tompkinsville Republican to join the statewide race sometime in the fall. The overwhelmingly popular Comer enjoys a unique advantage in name recognition and statewide organization. Though Bailey doesn’t have much of a “connection” with Comer, she is on the record as a Heiner supporter in the past; contributed $1000 to Hal’s failed 2010 campaign for Louisville Mayor. A February 2014 poll that showed Comer with a commanding 42-14% lead among 400 likely GOP primary voters, but Bailey was not included in the survey.

Craving to learn more about Ambassador Cathy Bailey? Read below!

Cathy Bailey’s Record:

Cathy Bailey1  – Early supporter of Ernie Fletcher, donating $1000 to his Exploratory Committee in June of 2002. Eventually donating $5000 to the inaugural committee in December of 2003.

– Co-founder of the “Ronald McDonald House” in 1984, founded “Operation Open Arms” in 2001.

– Sworn in as U.S Ambassador to Latvia on January 13, 2005 under President George W. Bush, willingly leaving the position in December 2007.

– Major GOP donor in 2011 constitutional officer elections, contributing $500 to KC Crosbie & $2000 to Todd P’Pool. Interestingly, she did not donate to GOP Governor nominee David Williams.

– Bailey has inserted herself in many contentious GOP primaries in 2014 by financially supporting Jessica Burke for State House against incumbent GOP Rep. Ken Upchurch, supporting Phil Moffett against former Louisville Repub Chairwoman Shellie May with an April 2014 $1000 check, endorsing Angela Leet against Louisville GOP Exec Comm member Shawn Slone in a primary for Metro Council (East Louisville district).