MSNBC: Comer, Raque Adams Rising Stars

rising starsMSNBC: James Comer, Julie Raque Adams are ‘Rising Stars’

After another strong PR week, Agriculture Commissioner James Comer started his weekend with a surprise national story from Democrat leaning MSNBC news. During a Saturday morning story, reporter Chuck Todd discussed two “rising stars” from both political parties in Kentucky. Besides the Commissioner, MSNBC recognized State Rep. Julie Raque Adams of¬†East Louisville¬†as a name to remember in the coming months.

What comes interesting from this story is the uniqueness of the two selected. MSNBC acknowledged that Comer would likely run for Governor in 2015. However, Rep. Adams (who is currently running for State Senate) has frequently been mentioned as a possible running mate with Comer next year. To be clear, MSNBC did not make that connection… but did suggest that Adams is a viable candidate for U.S Congress in Louisville.

Does this story move the needle anymore on Comer selecting Adams as a running mate? Probably not. Did many GOP primary voters actually see the report live? Probably not. What it does show is that even national media outlets identify the two as game changers in the Republican Party and state.

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