Statewide Candidate to Announce Tuesday!


According to Republican activist Rachel Ford of Louisville, a new candidate will be announcing their candidacy for statewide office tomorrow night at a “conservative social” in Fairdale. The South Louisville-Bullitt County Conservative Social is a newer political event that advertises values such as “keeping the size of government small and keeping taxes low.” In just four prior meetings, the event has attracted State Senators, a County Clerk, sitting Judges, and a 2015  candidate for Governor (Hal Heiner).

Speaking of Heiner, our research leads us to believe that the candidate announcing their statewide intentions are connected in some form. And by form, we mean a member of the Heiner “slate.” Pure speculation, but considering Heiner stopped by this event just days after his entrance into the Governor’s race, I find it fishy. Not to mention, only a Louisvillian would find this event “announcement worthy” at this stage in the process.

Assuming the announcement comes from a legitimate candidate for statewide office in 2015, here are the more realistic options:

ballAllison Ball is an attorney from Prestonsburg who currently serves as the Kentucky National Committeewoman to the Young Republican National Federation. She is a rising star in the conservative movement in Kentucky becoming a recognizable face in establishment sector. She has long been encouraged to run for public office including Attorney General & Secretary of State. Coming for Eastern Kentucky, Ball could be very appealing. If Ball were to announce tomorrow evening, expect it to be for Attorney General or Treasurer. Allison Ball IS CONFIRMED to attend the event!

michael adams 2Michael Adams is a full-time election lawyer from Louisville who currently serves as General Counsel to the Republican Governor’s Association. Like Ball, Adams is viewed as another ambitious star-in-the-making among Republican faithful. Adams confirmed to BluegrassConservative in December 2013 that he was seriously considering a run for Secretary of State. Despite his law degree and DC experience, if Adams were to announce tomorrow night… it most likely will not be for Attorney General. Based on his style, we seriously doubt Adams would announce at such an event. He is NOT CONFIRMED to attend the event.



kenflemingLou Metro Councilman Ken Fleming

After opting not to seek re-election to the Louisville Metro Council in 2014, rumors spread quickly that Fleming was preparing to run for higher office. The Councilman did flirt with a run for Secretary of State in 2011, but again stepped back. He has hinted about running for State Auditor at several points over the last few months, but the Fleming buzz has went flat since. Multiple sources close to the Councilman confirmed to our site during the late hours of May 26th that it is most likely NOT Ken Fleming.


  • Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is heavily considering a run for Kentucky Secretary of State. However, she is currently seeking re-election and has ruled out an announcement until after her fall race.
  • Ambassador Cathey Bailey is safe to rule out. No disrespect to Mrs. Bailey, but she probably couldn’t find Fairdale if she tried.