BREAKING: Allison Joy Ball to run for State Treasurer!

IMG_20140527_194114_447Allison Joy Ball has officially submitted a letter of intent to seek the Republican nomination for State Treasurer. Announcing at a monthly meeting of the new Jefferson-Bullitt Conservative Social, Ball confirmed her candidacy.

Known as a rising star among establishment Republicans, Ball provides a renewed energy and interest in the Kentucky State Treasurer. Also serving as the Kentucky Committeewoman to the Young Republican National Federation, Allison has a unique network of young politico’s and activists in her corner that most campaigns spend high dollars to win.


In her announcement speech, Ball cited her experience in bankruptcy law as an inspiration for running. She also mentioned a struggling local economy as a trigger. “Real change has to come from changing our economy. Real change has to come from changing Frankfort. That’s why today I am excited to tell you all I am announcing my candidacy for state treasurer.”

As one of the two media sources live for the announcement, we would like to welcome this friend to our BluegrassConservative website to the statewide trail.