Call to Resign: Metro Councilman Dan Johnson

After a rollercoaster of reports from Louisville Metro Council District 21 in Southern Jefferson County, constituents are finally beginning to respond to Councilman Dan Johnson’s poor handling of constituent services. As you can read here, the Councilman has received major backlash for hiring a legislative aid with a history of racist comments and professional misleading’s.

On Friday, June 13th, Bluegrass Conservative received a letter from a District 21 constituent calling for Metro Councilman Dan Johnson’s resignation.

Dear Councilman Dan Johnson,


My name is Anthony Sullivan.  Like so many of my neighbors from District 21, I am eager to communicate with you about some recent decisions you’ve made.

If I may, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I was born in General Hospital, here in Louisville 36 years ago. I grew up poor and learned to respect the value of hard work and a firm hand shake. These days, I work downtown as a software engineer to support my beautiful wife and two young boys. Two boys that I teach to respect each and every person regardless of their race, religion or origin.


I’m certain that you know about the recent revelation that your newly hired legislative aide, Bryan Matthews, was terminated from his last place of employment for using a racial epithet about African Americans. It is appalling to me that you want to hire a racist as your aide especially considering that our district is one of the most diverse in the city.


Couple this with your assertions that Bryan Mathews “has worked” as an attorney, despite having no Law degree and no record of him ever being a member of the Bar Association. I think the people of District 21 deserve some answers. I think the people of District 21 deserve a change.


All of these revelations come on the heels of your vote in favor of taking more money out of Louisvillians pockets despite the clear voice of the people calling out against it. And when your constituents called you to task on this and any other major issue through social media, you delete the posts or leave them unanswered.


Mr. Johnson, this citizen believes that your actions have disgraced the Metro Council and our beloved district. Your hiring of Bryan Mathews is tacit approval of his racist actions and your deceitful statements concerning his work experience and the continued avoidance of tough questions show a lack of integrity and commitment to our community.


So I am making this public call for your resignation from Metro Council. The people of District 21 deserve better.


Now is the time to own your mistakes. Do you have the courage?

Anthony Sullivan
District 21 Constituent
HurtJohnsonWe also noticed that former State Rep. Wade Hurt (of the same neighborhood) has called for the firing of Matthews as Johnson’s legislative aid.