Sources Confirm: Matt Bevin Considering Governors Race

Bevin1Many sources have confirmed to our website that former U.S Senate candidate Matt Bevin is considering a run for Governor in 2015.

Since losing the Senate primary to Senator McConnell in May, Bevin has awkwardly been spotted at random events across the state including fundraisers, weiner/pickle feasts, etc. We specifically ran into Bevin two weeks ago at a fundraising reception for House candidate Carl Nett in Louisville.

Many questioned what Bevin’s role would be in state politics immediately after his primary loss. However, several individuals from within the “triangle” have contacted our website to insist that the Louisville millionaire has been placing calls to supporters gauging support for a possible Gubernatorial run. As a matter of fact, we have been tipped that Matt Bevin did meet with Hal Heiner last week to discuss the race.

We must wonder… how close is Matt Bevin in his decision process for 2015? Are there any “serious” contenders or game changers who would tag team with Bevin so soon after his public fight with Mitch? Considering Heiner has already spent roughly $500,000 of his own money at this point, is Bevin willing to spend even more of his personal wealth to combat his own neighbor? What role does a Bevin candidacy play in Commissioner Comer’s timeline, if any? Considering Bevin won just two counties during his 2014 Senate primary, what base does Bevin speak to?