#FlipTheHouse: Mike Nemes is Hungry

NemesShackintheBackIn our continued #FlipTheHouse series, we turn our focus to city of Shepherdsville in Bullitt County. One name: Linda Belcher. Now that you’re nauseated and looking for the Pepto, please allow us to dig into this race just a bit.

The new 49th State House district includes portion of Hillview, Shepherdsville, Mt. Washington, and Lebanon Junction. In 2012, Democrat incumbent Rep. Linda Belcher lost her seat to Republican challenger Russell Webber by a 53-47% split. In that same year, Rep. Mike Nemes also lost a House seat in Southern Jefferson County to Democrat Denny Butler. After losing his seat in Louisville, Nemes moved to Shepherdsville to enjoy time away from the big city. Then came redistricting.

In a unique match-up, Bullitt Countians must choose between a moderate Republican whose little roots in the community are surpassed by his aggressive campaign style and a long established Democrat loyalist who they ousted once already.

We caught up with Nemes on the campaign trail earlier this week. As usual, his words oozed common sense: “We need lawmakers who will talk to people. Someone who won’t put politics first.” He told the group, “I’m just an old working man. I’m running for my children, the people.” However, Nemes finished his speech with a quote that most definitely applies to his race against Belcher. 

“You have to vote for people who aren’t afraid to lose their seat over voting the right way.”

Due to the unique circumstances, it will be interesting to follow the money in this House race. Considering both have experience raising money and connecting with PAC’s, the amount of money spent from both sides could be ungodly. According to their latest reports, Nemes has raised $21,300.00 w/ $15,522.28 in the bank; Belcher had raised $31,221.50 but spent every dollar to claim victory over a primary challenger.

If the Republican Party wants to #FlipTheHouse, pumping money into Bullitt County must be in the cards. Linda Belcher may not be very well liked but she can bring the juice. If Nemes does not win this seat, the odds of Republican’s gaining control of the chamber of next to impossible.