James Comer: “I Think We’ve Got a Great Story to Tell”

Comer SpechThis race is getting feisty. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer has all but announced his entry into the Governor’s race. During an interview earlier this week with the Lexington Herald-Leader, Comer hinted that he would announce his intentions “during the week of the annual Fancy Farm picnic in late July and early August.”

However, failed Louisville Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner has already spent $200k (up to date figures pending KREF report) to chip away at Comer’s wide lead. As I’ve been suggesting for the past year, the 2015 GOP Governor primary will make the McConnell/Bevin & Grayson/Paul showdowns look minor league. Oh, and this article supports that.

The article teases at the talking points that will likely separate the two Republican candidates during the brutal campaign. Comer insisted that Heiner was “a nice man with a good message in some areas.” He shared that the Democrats were 9-1 out of the past 10 contests for the Governor’s Mansion. He told reporter Sam Youngman that the GOP lost “not because we had candidates with a bad message. We nominated candidates that weren’t good messengers, that didn’t relate to average Kentuckians.” Hmmm, wonder if that was a reference to his primary opponent? Aka… a Louisville millionaire.

Joe Burgan, Hal Heiner’s Campaign Manager, of course disagreed that his candidate was a poor messenger. “Jamie Comer is the wrong messenger because he doesn’t have a message,” he said. Burgan reiterated a punch-line we’ve heard from most Heiner troops: “He’s spent most of his adult life as a professional politician in Frankfort.”

Both Heiner and Burgan are bracing for their first competitive primary, well, ever. The former two-term Louisville Councilman found political success in one of Jefferson County’s wealthiest neighborhoods before falling short in a razor thin loss for Metro Mayor. Since, Heiner has focused on charter school education and supporting local candidates for office. There’s no doubt, Heiner will have his hands full with convincing state GOPers that Comer is the wrong man for the job.

“I think we’ve got a great story to tell in the Department.” – Agriculture Commissioner James Comer

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  1. Comer has plenty of fictional stories to tell, but it is the truth that needs to be told.

    House Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover needs to publicly rebuke Comer for betraying Republican efforts to take the KY House by contributing to the Dems and for smearing the reputation of late Republican State Representative Billy Polston by flat out lying and repeatedly telling people he defeated the incumbent Billy Polston in his first election. (Polston was too sick to seek re-election; he died the day after leaving office. Comer has never faced an incumbent or even a serious candidate. Comer ran against Donnie Mayfield Poslton, Polston’s wife, who was a candidate running in her first election.) What sort of pathetic excuse for a man tries to deceive people to build his own reputation up by tearing down the good reputation of a dead man? Hoover has described Billy Polston as: “my friend and a good man!” Then speak up for the man and put an end to Comer lying about it! [Video of Comer Lying about his first race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=eQNR-c8raEU ; More background info: http://goo.gl/fXf2jl ]

    Comer’s pretext for delaying his own announcement for governor was that he didn’t want to hurt the efforts of Republicans trying to win the KY House. But Comer’s pretext has been revealed as just another Comer lie; all you have to do is look at KREF records and you will see that COMER HAS CONTRIBUTED $$$ TO THE DEMS TO HELP THEM KEEP THE KY HOUSE.

    Jeff Hoover has been acting as manager for Comer’s unannounced campaign for governor for a few years now. Hoover clearly has a conflict of interest in his leadership role while simultaneously pressuring Republicans to line up behind a traitor like Comer. If Hoover refuses to rebuke Comer and wants to continue on as Comer’s cheerleader, then he needs to step down from leadership in the Kentucky House. If Hoover doesn’t do so, then Republican state representative candidates better be ready for the Dems to portray Hoover’s silence as approval for Comer’s support to keep the Dems in control of the House and Stumbo as Speaker.

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