Denton to Spend $25k to Impact Local Races

JulieDentonLouisville Metro Councilwoman-elect (Senator) Julie Denton isn’t waiting for her oath to begin shaking things up downtown Jefferson County. On Saturday, July 12th, Denton announced that she would be unloading a significant amount of her Senate campaign funds on a “Republican Metro Council Trust.”

There was much mystery surrounding where exactly the State Senator turned Councilwoman was planning on investing her impressive totals. As of November 2013, Denton enjoyed roughly $90k for re-election but obviously chose to run for Louisville Metro Council instead. State law prohibits Denton from retaining the money for future Council elections but does allow sharing funds with the Republican Party of Kentucky or local party.

In this case, Denton chose to create a new “trust” to jump start an often stale effort by to Republicans to win Council seats in Louisville. Known for her occasional stand-off with party leadership in Frankfort, Denton’s sizable contribution doesn’t come as a real surprise. After all, the longtime East Louisville official will go from Chairing the Health & Welfare Committee as a member of a super majority in the Republican State Senate to a governing council where conservatives are rarely allowed to speak.

Locally, Denton’s new “trust” could make an immediate impact on local races. For example, Republican’s are trying to capture a seat made vacant by one of Louisville’s most liberal Council members in a district that stretches from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary near the Ohio River to St. Matthews. Denton’s investment could push the GOP over the top in a district typically considered off limits.

Kudos to the Councilwoman-elect on shaking things up and placing a fire back into local Council races. Though unopposed for her seat, Denton is no stranger to hard fought political battles. She may be just what the Louisville GOP needs downtown.