Rep. Kevin Bratcher Is Ready to Rumble

bratcherWhile Republican’s focus on #FlipTheHouse, liberal Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo is taking aim at one of the GOP’s finest incumbents: Rep. Kevin Bratcher.

Rumors have it that Governor Steve Beshear & Speaker Stumbo practically begged Democrat David Stengel, a former Commonwealth Attorney, to challenge Bratcher after being suddenly drawn out of Senator Dan Seum’s territory. Before his legal post, Stengel represented the 29th State House district from January 1993 until November 1996; Bratcher has held the seat ever since.

Undoubtedly a hot contest, Bratcher has called in the big dogs for a little help in retaining his East-Central Louisville House seat. Senator Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum, House Minority Whip “Bam” Carney, House Minority Caucus Chair Bob DeWeese, Senator Jimmy Higdon and many others have hit the trail to raise money for Bratcher.

We briefly caught up with Bratcher to discuss the latest from his campaign:

How is the race going?
“Our race provides a good choice for the voters of the 29th District. I am an old school conservative and my opponent is an old school tax and spend liberal.”

What are you hearing at the doors?
“People at the doors are happy with my votes against gas tax increases and my overall stance against all new taxes. I was voted “Tax Payers Best Friend” for signing the “No New Taxes Pledge.” They also like my strong stands against crime.”

Rep. Kevin Bratcher is a strong pro-life, smaller government Republican with a record of putting people before politics. His tired opponent has called the bullpen for relief from Attorney General Jack Conway and other mainstream liberals. Help silence Obamacare Champion Steve Beshear & power hungry Greg Stumbo by voicing your support here!