Paul and Massie Lead KY Delegation in New Scorecard




Kudos to Sen. Rand Paul and to Congressman Thomas Massie on being the frontrunners of Kentucky’s D.C. delegation in the new scorecard by

What makes Conservative Review’s “Liberty Score” so different according to their website is that they grade members of Congress

using long-term voting records. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score™ is one of the primary tools Conservative Review® uses to help separate rhetoric from reality.

Many websites have scorecards and will say they “key vote” certain bills to grade how a politician is doing. But where this falls short for instance is when a Senator or member of Congress is facing a vote his constituents may not like he can cast a vote helping to bring a bill to the floor but then vote against the bill itself knowing it will already have the votes to pass. So he gets credit for voting against a controversial bill when in reality he helped to set it up to pass.

If you’d like to check out Conservative Review’s site or scorecard you can do so through this link.