Freedomworks: Backstage with Cong. Thomas Massie (KY4)

Freedomworks, the libertarian think tank dedicated to freedom in the country, recently sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Thomas Massie76%House Republican Average39See Full Scorecard76% to discuss the importance of being part of the grassroots.

In the video, he says that he is done playing the inside game. “Even a small effort can help” says Massie.

Finally, he says, “If you don’t have the grassroots pushing on congress, they’re never going to do the right thing. Without the grassroots, good people may do the wrong thing, bad people might do the right thing.”

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Jonathan Gaby
Jonathan Gaby is's Editor-in-Chief. Jonathan brings years of online communication expertise as well as his years of political experience as an activist, campaign professional, and observer to bear on state and local politics. Contact him at or @bgconservative.