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As the Chief Election Officer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Secretary of State Allison Lundergan-Grimes is charged with a myriad of tasks. She must lead 120 county clerks in running elections and certifying of the election results. Further, she is charged with the receipt and filing of documents filed by persons who wish to declare their candidacy for office.

As of this post’s publishing, 111 persons have filed for the office of State Representative and State Senator. These individuals all have travelled to Frankfort to file the paperwork and pay the filing fee. Most take pictures of themselves and their families as sort of a “kick-off” to their campaign to run for elected office. However, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has used her official, state sponsored and run, Twitter account to post pictures of two candidates that have filed for election, Congressman John Yarmuth, and State Representative Rita Smart.

KY Secretary of State Alison Grimes and Cong. John Yarmuth (D-Louisville)

KY Secretary of State Alison Grimes and Cong. John Yarmuth (D-Louisville)

First, the tweet shows a picture of Secretary of State Grimes with Cong. John Yarmuth. Yarmuth is the lone democrat in the 6 member congressional delegation to the US House.  An examination of the form that one needs to fill out and file reveals that one must have two members of the same party sign the form for it to be official along with a notary signature. It could be conjectured that Secretary of State Grimes is being partisan while executing her elected duties. Perhaps, she is using state time to be political in the preparing of a filing document. But certainly she is being political by using her public office resources to push for a particular candidate.

Secretary of State Grimes with Rep. Rita Smart (D-Richmond)

Secretary of State Grimes with Rep. Rita Smart (D-Richmond)

Next, is the tweet above. Now, while it seems that Rep. Smart and SOS Grimes are just together for Rep. Smart’s grandchildrens’ visit to the Capital, the photo is taken in the room where candidate filings usually take place. Further, the date of the tweet coincides with the date that Rep. Smart filed for re-election to the 81st House District on the same day, as evidenced by the below entry on the Secretary of State’s website:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.59.41 PM

Is it possible that Secretary of State Allison Lundergan-Grimes is using her official Twitter Account (the one for official business as our Secretary of State) as a campaign tool for key Democratic officials? Has she not been photographed with any other persons who have filed for office? Has she not been in the office and available as a public servant to pose for a photo with election hopefuls? (If so, why isn’t she in the office performing her duties as Secretary of State?)

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