Rep. Hoover: Monday Could Be Historic

Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover (R-Jamestown) in remarks at Thursday, January 7th’s Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Dinner said, “Monday will be a historic day”. In the Kentucky Legislature.

The Kentucky House of Representatives has been a battleground for the Republican and Democratic Parties for years now, and the fight has only intensified since the election of a Republican Governor and three of the five constitutional officers in last years election.

Recently, the Democratic Majority has been weakened even further, to the point of not being a constitutional majority of 51, with the switch of Denny Butler and Jim Gooch to the Republican Party. There are currently 4 open seats that will be filled in a special election called by Gov. Bevin on March 8th, 2016.

Gregg Stumbo (R-Prestonsburg) has recently increased the animosity amongst the House, threatening lawsuits agains those who have defected from the Democratic Party. It seems that Stumbo is doing everything he can to assert his leadership and retain control of a razor thin majority in his chamber.

On the first day of the legislative session, the Majority and Minority leadership already started on a bad footing with a rules disagreement pertaining to members appointments to committees, claiming that the Democratic Majority was trying to disenfranchise the minority by not appointing a fair number of members of both parties to committees.

Now, the only thing we can conjecture is that there will be more Representatives that will either be appointed by Gov. Bevin to other jobs requiring them to resign their seats in the house, or they will simply change their registration to the Republican party.

Will the House flip well ahead of the special election in March, ahead of the primary in May, or will it flip well ahead of the November elections?

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Jonathan Gaby
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