Bluegrass Conservative Runs Twitter Poll for Caucus

Bluegrass Conservative, one of Kentucky’s conservative news sources, is currently running three polls on the social media platform, Twitter, to gauge our followers sentiments ahead of the Republican Party of Kentucky’s Caucus on March 5th.

The poll uses Twitter’s new function to run unscientific polls to the followers of any Twitter account. We are asking three questions of our audience.

Question 1

“If you are a registered Republican, will you attend the March 5th Caucus?”

Question 2

“Who will you vote for at the Caucus on March 5th?”

Question 3

“Who will win the caucus on March 5th?”

Because of the limitations of Twitter’s polling, we were only able to accommodate four choices on questions for candidate preference, but allowed our users to “favorite” the tweet to indicate their choice.

The poll will conclude tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23. At which time the full results will be posted.