Kentucky Presidential Caucus Just Two Weeks Away


February 19, 2016
CONTACT: Mike Biagi, Executive Director, Republican Party of Kentucky, (502) 875-5130

Kentucky Republicans will cast their votes for Republican candidates for president at a caucus on Saturday, March 5, approximately two weeks away. The caucus, which is run by the state Republican party and county parties, replaces the usual presidential primary in May.

By holding a caucus on March 5, Republican voters in Kentucky will have an earlier impact on the presidential race, at a time when candidates are still competing to win more states and their delegates to secure the presidential nomination.

“For the first time in decades, Kentucky Republicans are relevant in choosing our nominee for president,” said state party Chairman Mac Brown. “This is an exciting time, and we look forward to presidential candidates visiting our state as we get closer to March 5.”

On March 5, Republican voters will come to caucus locations anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to vote for a Republican candidate for president by secret paper ballot. The voting process will be similar to a Kentucky election–voters will show identification, sign in, and vote by secret ballot–but the voting locations are different.

Most counties have a single caucus location, while some of the most populous counties have multiple locations. Republican voters can determine their caucus location, and find additional information about the caucus, at the Republican Party of Kentucky’s caucus website,

Eleven presidential candidates filed to participate in the caucus, all of whom will remain on the ballot. Voters will be notified at caucus locations about which candidates have dropped out of the race.

The Republican presidential nomination is the only race that will be voted on at the caucus. Primary elections for local, state and Congressional races will still occur in May.

Voters who were registered as Republicans by December 31, 2015, are eligible to vote in the caucus.