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Jonathan Gaby – Editor in Chief
Jonathan Gaby is BluegrassConservative.com’s Editor-in-Chief. Jonathan brings years of online communication expertise as well as his years of political experience as an activist, campaign professional, and observer to bear on state and local politics.

Jonathan has attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a credentialed blogger to the conference covering speeches, panels, and interviewing influential leaders in the conservative movement. He has also attended workshops and trainings at the revered Leadership Institute in Alexandria, VA, and Freedomworks in Washington, D.C.

You may contact him via email at editor@bluegrassconservative.com, or Twitter at @bgconservative.


Robert New – Reporter
Robert New lives in Berea, Kentucky, a small town along the I-75 corridor. By day you will most likely find him sitting behind a desk, designing heavy equipment. During the evening hours though, you may see me discussing politics, and campaigns, and policy. He is active on the boards of several non-profits, and consults with small businesses.

He loves researching various local governments and reading conservative thought leaders and brings a wealth of knowledge, perspective, and thought to his writings.

You may contact Robert via email at robert@bluegrassconservative.com or also via Twitter @bgconservative.

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