Articles by Jonathan Gaby

What Good is Power?

We know that not since 1921 has the Republican party controlled that chamber. Certainly it is quite plausible that the house will change hands this November. There is great power in controlling the Ky House, which is why there is so much discussion and speculation of if and when the house will change power.

Rep. Hoover: Monday Could Be Historic

Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover (R-Jamestown) in remarks at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Dinner said, “Monday will be a historic day”. In the Kentucky Legislature. The Kentucky House of Representatives has been a battleground for the Republican and Democratic Parties for years now, and the fight has only intensified since the election of a Republican Governor and three of the five constitutional officers in last years election.

Secretary of State Shows Preference With Social Media

It could be conjectured that Secretary of State Grimes is being partisan while executing her elected duties. Perhaps, she is using state time to be political in the preparing of a filing document. But certainly she is being political by using her public office resources to push for a particular candidate.

The Game is On! Special Elections Set for March 8th, 2016

In executive orders filed today with the Secretary of State’s office, Gov. Bevin has set March 8th, 2016 as the date of the special election for four districts of the House of Representatives. Representatives from the 8th, 54th, 62nd, and 98th districts have resigned their seats. John Tilley, Mike Harmon, Ryan Quarles, and Tanya Pullin held seats in the House of Representatives but were either appointed to positions in the Bevin Administration, or were elected to higher office.

Will Conservative Values Shine Bright in Our Kentucky Home?

On a cold Monday morning on January 4, 2016 at 11 o’ clock AM, the Commonwealth of Kentucky swore in her newly elected constitutional officers to a full Capitol Rotunda of elected officials and family members, special guests, and citizens from all over the bluegrass. Every four years the commonwealth witnesses a peaceful transition of power free of conflict and battle, save negative ads on TV during the campaign. Entering into the Capitol building at 10, it was dreary, overcast, and cold. Will conservative values shine bright once again in our Kentucky home? Will these principles see the light of day in the next four years?


With a razor thin majority in the State House for the Democratic party, every special election this year will be crucial for either party, to maintain majority, or to achieve a historic feat of flipping the house. Will the 62nd District seat continue to be held by the Republican Party or will a Democratic member take the seat to keep the Democratic majority?

Will Democrats Concede Defeat in District 54?

With the stunning election of Mike Harmon to the Auditor’s office in November, members of both parties are shuffling around finding the next state representative to represent District 54. Special elections always pose a challenge and this challenge is amplified with the 2016 General Assembly convening in just 14 days. Who will win the 54th District Race?

Beshear to Blame for 500,000 Disconnected from Kynect

While it’s unfortunate that 500,000 Kentuckians may lose their coverage, Gov.-elect Bevin may be saving our commonwealth from a bigger problem, a collapse or a serious underfunding of the state’s medical coverage as a whole. It may be that Gov.-elect Bevin is already proving himself valuable to the commonwealth, even before being sworn in on Dec. 9 later this year.